Luxury Hair Extensions, Ethically Sourced

Virgin Hair

Our raw virgin untouched Malaysian and Indian hair will surpass all expectations, beautiful, luxurious and full of natural body. Ethically sourced from local vendors in Pematang, Malaysia and from temples in Andhra Pradesh State in South India. Each donor is carefully selected based on the lustre, texture and health of their hair; being meticulous and selective in this way allows us to offer our customers the highest premium quality hair extensions that last 2+ years. 

Our virgin hair is completely unprocessed and natural (No dyes or chemicals have been used to achieve the texture or hair colours). Each bundle comes from a single donor therefore the cuticles are aligned (the hair is all in the same direction) smooth and luxurious. Each bundle has unique variations with both natural dark brown and black tones; this is perfectly normal with unprocessed hair. During our quality control process and we ensure that each order has uniformity where possible.

We meticulous source and select all our virgin hair to ensure that we provide premium, unprocessed luxury Indian and Malaysian virgin  hair, direct to you from suppliers in these countries - none of our virgin hair comes from China. Each bundle is sourced from a single donor who voluntarily provides their hair so that CelebrityMane can ensure fair and ethical trade in the industry

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