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It's Official Wigs are the Way Forward!!

Posted by KAEMORINE PRENDERGAST on 26th Apr 2021

Social media influencers and beauty bloggers are inspiring more women to embrace the trend of wearing wigs. There are so many styles to choose from, you can literally have one for each day of the week or for different occasions. I personally have 5 to suit different occasions or my mood. They are great for when I'm going out and can't be bothered to style my hair. I literally p … read more

How to Save Money on Hair Extensions

Posted by Kaemorine Prendergast on 26th Apr 2021

Sometimes you want to save money but at same time you want to look good; and your hair is an important part of looking and feeling good. Maybe like me you dislike a full sew-in or in my case can't cope with an itchy scalp or the weight of a sew-in. I usually make my own wigs. Mainly U-part wigs because I like a little leave out. Here is a guide on how you can make your own wig … read more